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Title: Feedback problem
Post by: John Roll on January 29, 2017, 01:31:29 pm
Last night I did a show with a band I've been working with for awhile now. New room for me. The walls and ceiling were tongue and groove wood paneling with a tile floor. My PA is JBL PRX635s over QSC 181is. The problem I've been having for a awhile now is with the lead vocal. Previously I have had issue with his mic feeding back in the mains. In other venues, I have been able to zero in on the offending frequency and tame quickly. (He uses in-ears just for himself, so the monitors might not be the problem. He is using an EV ND767. He runs it through three TC pedals and split the signal to me.) Last night was a different story. I had less headroom than normal. I had him bypass all his pedals and send me a signal direct. It helped a little. I also believe he wasn't feeling well , but wouldn't admit it. We tried different mics; Audix OM2 and a Blue mic (don't know the model #) The Audix had the best result. My gut says that this was a no-win situation and I should chalk it up to experience, but we're going to be there again in a few months and I need some advice with taming this thing.
If he insists on using his pedals, what can I do eliminate this for good? The first thing I think I'll check is the gain structure of his "chain". I didn't have time to go through it last night. The second thing I might do is insist he gives me his dry signal and keep those "effects" just in his ears. the third thing I might do as a last resort, is to have them do their own sound in that room. I was only putting Kick and vocals through the PA anyway. They've done their own sound there before so that might be an option.
What do you guys think about this?

Title: Re: Feedback problem
Post by: Ray Aberle on January 29, 2017, 01:40:27 pm
I would add an XLR-Y on his mic, so it's sending one feed to his effects (now wet) and you have a separate feed (dry) for FOH. Often, when singers are using these effects things, they don't disengage them when they're talking between songs, and it sounds bad. Being able to "switch" your feed from wet to dry between songs will really help it sound better there.

... then you can "forget" to put the wet signal back on during their set, and just reverb/etc to taste like normal. :)

Title: Re: Feedback problem
Post by: Tim McCulloch on January 29, 2017, 03:09:24 pm
I'm with Ray.  The vast majority of the time, when the singer is happy with the EFX they are waaaay to much in the FOH.

Especially with IEMs, the singer is *also* hearing him/herself via bone conductivity and it takes more EFX in the IEM for the singer to perceive the balance desired - which is almost always too much for the rest of us.

Do the Y cord trick.  It will also help when the Diva forgets to bypass his/her EFX when speaking between songs...