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Title: hanging audience mics recommendations
Post by: Pat Sieler on November 01, 2005, 05:46:33 pm
Hello there,
We need to purchase two mics to hang over a 350 seat congregation to capture applause, laughter, etc primarily for recording and radio. I don't want to audition a bunch of mics since the application is somewhat non-critical. I'm looking for something to take out of the box and install it - plug and play, not plug and pray! I'm familiar with Shure MX series, but also am interested in AKG's CHM 21 and the Audix ADX40. Any recommmendations? What do you use?

Pat Sieler
Title: Re: hanging audience mics recommendations
Post by: Jeff Foster on November 03, 2005, 05:59:31 pm
We use a pair of Audio-Technica hanging choir mics over our congregation.  They work great in that non-critical role.  Their sound isn't as good as newer mics but we couldn't beat the price - free.  (They used to be our choir mics until we replaced them.)

I'm not familiar with the AKG's that you mentioned.  The Shure mics would be perfectly fine, and I am in love with anything Audix so I imagine that they would be great.  You might also take a look at the Audix micro series.  They are pretty new and seem to be what Audix is pushing for hanging mics now.  I think they may be phasing out the ADX-40's.

Jeff Foster
Technical Director
Northside Baptist Church
Carrollton Texas