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Title: EV QRX112/75 - schmetic
Post by: Bill Hinds on February 07, 2016, 01:24:30 pm
Hi All,

Does anyone here have a schmetic on this input plate for this box. We started experiencing several issues with drivers that don't seem to be making sense. I am wondering if the input plate/crossover may be experiencing some issues from a previous job.  I plan on getting into the box this week and calling EV tomorrow but wondering if anyone may have a heads up. Is there a fus on the crossover by chance. This box has a switch to change from Biamp to passive and thought that this might be causing the issue as well. These boxes have been rock solid for 5 years no all of a sudden having issues with drivers not seeming to work and distorted sound. Trying to dig deeper and get to the issue and cause.

Thanks in advance,