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Title: RCF EVOX12
Post by: (Brian) Frost on December 10, 2015, 12:19:49 am
Got to use these for 2 days, a corporate event and a cover band playing a large space for a corporate party. 

Lets start with the good:  I thought the tops were excellent.  They look great, both clients remarked how much they liked how clean they looked without me telling them I was using anything different.  They sound excellent.  Ive used the bose and the k-array and thought both were a step down from a qsc k12 in both sound and output.  The RCF did NOT feel anemic at all.  It had a nice throw and a clarity that felt a little better than a qsc kw121 and a significant step up from a qsc k12 (both speakers I use daily).   I had enough oomph to cover a 250 person dance party.  I would mix on these speakers any day.

Now the bad:  I cant imagine why they paired a nice speaker with these subs.  They are very similar to a ksub.  Maybe tighter but not deeper.  I felt like I wanted more at all times.  I think even having 2 subs on the bottom of 1 top would feel like I wasnt getting deep enough bass.  There is no larger option from rcf and you need the bottom to power the top so you cant substitute another sub.  I think a kw181 would outrun these for days.  Its really too bad and I hope at some point they offer a real subwoofer as a bottom because my clients would really like that package as would my truck pack. 
Title: Re: RCF EVOX12
Post by: Mike Sullivan on September 17, 2016, 08:12:04 am
Brian, hope I can chime in here with my views of the EVOX 12, instead of starting a second topic.

We are demoing a single EVOX12 unit for a week or two, today I will be using it on an outdoor festival as a "boat fill" for a small dock next to the stage.  We ran some track music through it last night during set up, and was pretty impressed by the sound coming out from such a small box.  The box maintained directivity very well (it could barely be heard behind the EVOX) and while it wasn't the typical bright RCF sound we were used to, it sounded pretty good & would work well for small music & vocal/speech situations.  Will report on it today as we will be stepping aside through the day to listen to it.
Title: Re: RCF EVOX12
Post by: John Moore on September 23, 2016, 12:03:16 am
You wlll have to go to the NXL24 and a SUB8004 to get the sound you are looking for .... the EVOX 12 is only a 15" LF driver not a is a full range package and not really IMO set to do SUBWOOFER duty..700 WRMS and most likley 500 of that goes to the LF driver with limiting. We have a pair in our rental inventory. Very happy with them, but would not attempt to do a larger ballroom, etc. with just the LF each side, and would have to augment with a dedicated sub, since the xover on the LF box is not at the norm where a sub would be crossed over....