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Title: (6) Motorola radios, 6-unit charger, accessories
Post by: Brian Adams on September 29, 2015, 09:56:56 pm
I have 6 Motorola RMM2050 radios with accessories that I need to sell, including a 6-unit charger, which is really convenient. These radios are 2-Watt, 5-channel MURS (VHF), and they're in excellent condition. There are a few scratches, but nothing major. They look almost brand new.

They're well built, sound good, use readily available and reasonably priced earpieces, and have decent range. Best of all, they're license-free, so you don't have to worry about the FCC hassling you.

I bought these in April, and used them for 3 theatre shows in May and June. They don't quite reach as far as I need them to, going between buildings and such, but don't take that as meaning they don't have good range, because they work really well. I had to spend a lot of money and go to a lot of trouble to get something that outperforms these radios.

Included in this package:
6 Motorola RMM2050 Radios
1 6-unit charger (PMLN6384A)
2 Spare batteries (PMNN4434)
2 Spare holsters (HKLN4510)
1 Programming cable (HKKN4027)
6 Single chargers (PMLN6394)

This is everything you need, with the possible exception of your preferred earpiece/speaker mic if you want one. I didn't take photos of the spare batteries and holster, or the 6 single chargers, but I can if you'd like to see them.

Price - $1,000 shipped to lower 48. (