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Title: COLORdash Accent
Post by: Tom Duffy on March 24, 2011, 12:46:08 pm
I'm partial to low cost fixtures, and these small LED units looked intriguing.
The major retailers don't seem to be carrying them, so I took a chance with a minor retailer and purchased one of the RGBW units and one VW

These use 7 1Watt LEDs each.  The VW is Cold White/Warm White.

I was pleasantly surprised by how useful these are.

My previous budget LEDs are the 181 count 10mm types, and the ColorDash Accents beat them on all counts, brightness, usefulness and size.

I'd love to see fixtures of this size with 4 to 7 3Watt LEDs, the size just makes it easier to put up a good selection.

If you've only got $120 to spend on LED fixtures, these are definitely better value than any of the larger ones that use 10mm LEDs, and the addition of the white LED just puts the cherry on the cake.