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Title: Anybody using QSC PLD with SRX712?
Post by: boburtz on November 21, 2014, 11:21:12 pm
I see that there are presets for the PLD amps for the JBL SRX712m, presumably biamped. I'm thinking about upgrading monitor amps and am wondering if anyone has gone this route? I'm wondering what the presets sound like in comparison to running those boxes passively, which is what we are now doing.  I've been powering them with PLX3402 and I could use a little more headroom, I suppose. i don't expect it to be night and day, but the additional protection on the high freq would come in handy, and I could build amp racks that would be truly multipurpose with the PLD series. I thought I saw somewhere that there is an upcoming software upgrade that will allow real time monitoring and gui control of the amps. That is much more attractive than their current offering of "preset cloning" only...