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Title: What about the bad stuff?
Post by: Jim McKeveny on September 25, 2013, 09:14:15 am
I remember articles in Modern Recording & Music showing TASCO firing 4x15 horn loaded cabinets upward SL/R, Yes' Clair in-the-round system with flown racks of Phase Linear 700b's, A1 Audio's monstrous VIP systems,etc. (All right, not bad, but in the freewheeling DIY culture of the day).

A book in my library had photos of Grand Funk Railroad touring arenas with ground stack short-horn 2x15's with 4 x Atlas re-entrant paging horn boxes on top. The plywood boxes had iffy stain on them and all of the aluminum dustcaps were fingered in, if not outright missing. Array and splay was accomplished with 2x4's and maybe some drywall screws for safety.

There are photos out there of Community rigs in all manner of deployment.  I threw those mags out decades ago, and wish I'd kept them for here. Who knew?