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Title: Network bandwidth questions?
Post by: Benjamin Lewinsohn on March 14, 2013, 07:55:25 am
I have been a long term lurker, and no struck a question that I can’t find and answer too.
So I have been tasked to set up and design the sound, video and lighting for a new church building. My experience is mainly in the sound area and I am a volunteer. So the idea is to move into the ‘digital age’ i.e. using networks as the main transport between FOH and Stage.
So here are my questions.

1.   If I am using a Yamaha Cl1 ( via dante) and want to send full HD video via (AVB I think) and using a lighting controller ( Art-net) will using all of these systems together exceed a gigabit switch and 1 run of Cat5e cable or should i run two cat 5e cables in parallel?
2.   If the above is not possible, should I run Lighting and video on a separate network switch?

So any input would be HUGLEY appreciated, especially anything to do with lighting and video over IP.

Also I got a question in the lighting section if you feel like reading it.
Title: Re: Network bandwidth questions?
Post by: Brad Weber on March 14, 2013, 10:24:31 am
You might want to also consider that AVB switch options are currently rather limited and AVB video offerings even more limited.  New AVB switches may be coming soon but the video portion of AVB seems to have been left behind to the point that AVB is being viewed by many as simply a new audio network option.  I believe Dante is AVB compliant, so Dante and AVB could be somewhat redundant.

There are other video-over-IP options but I would not be sure about them coexisting on the same network as AVB.  Maybe if the video-over-IP, AVB and lighting were separate VLANs but the AVB element may then limit the amount of bandwidth available to the other two VLANs.
Title: Re: Network bandwidth questions?
Post by: Andrew Hollis on March 17, 2013, 02:59:55 pm
Many of your questions are answered in the Dante FAQ ( are the benefits of Dante?). You design the system for the channel count and sample rate required. They state the limits there.

Two CAT5e cables in parallel, what does that mean? You don't double link capacity by plugging two cables into a switch.

You can ball park bandwidth requirements by adding the bitrate ( of each system (audio, video, lighting) together to yield a total. For instance, since 100 Mbps supports 48 24/48 channels, you'd have 900 Mbps free for anything else on a GigE network.

Outside of specific questions, explaining IP audio and video is a bit beyond the scope of a messageboard.