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Title: 2 way radios
Post by: dave moldover on November 25, 2011, 04:58:41 pm
Anybody use these TR200s with the headsets?
It looks like a kit with 6 radios, chargers, headsets and a case is around $1300.

I'm looking for a simple, reasonably priced solution to keep a small production crew in communication during dance competitions. It would connect the follow spot OPs, main lighting desk, talent coordinator and DJ so we can improvise and make it look rehearsed. We do 1 time shows with minimal rehearsal ahead of time.

Would our crew be able to hear each other on those headsets over the PA?

Any other gear recommendations that might be a better choice?
Title: Re: 2 way radios
Post by: Craig Leerman on November 27, 2011, 08:40:27 pm
Unless the headset fully covers and surrounds the ear, I think any PA noise would drown out the coms.  You might have to use the earpice that fits inside the ear. That might block out the PA and allow folks to hear the coms.

Look at EarTec stuff. They have some wireless stuff that might work.
Title: Re: 2 way radios
Post by: Pete Erskine on November 28, 2011, 08:56:07 am
Semi duplex radios "walkie talkies" are not good for live productions except for communication during load in.  During a production where cues must be given the communication should utilize a full duplex system.  This is like a phone call, both parties can hear and talk at the same time.  For wireless has the limitation that it can't be connected to any house wired comms your best bet would be The HME DX100 with 4 pin male XLR headset adapters. (

The best headsets for clear communication in loud events would be Dave Clark wit four pin female XLR. (