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Title: TC Electronic C300 and C400XL compressors
Post by: David Kaiser on October 31, 2011, 03:57:25 pm
I have purchased two C300 Compressors. I have one with me and the other is in a Pella system that is used twice a year. They are used for compression of recordings and hearing assistance. They have been in racks all there lives. The Pella unit has never given me any trouble. The unit I have with me has failed twice in two years. I've had it less than three. I tried to send it back to TC Electronic last week, and they told me they no longer service the C300, and that the C400XL is also discontinued. This attitude must have happened recenty, as I had thought about warranty service in July 2010, and nearly sent in. I do like these units, as I have to switch between choral and voice settings several times during each recording session.

 I may still be able to purchase some more. How have they held up for the rest of you who have them?