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Title: Chauvet SlimPar 56 / 4bar review
Post by: Matt Harris on January 18, 2011, 01:33:18 am
I just thought I'd throw a quick note out there regarding my research on these fixtures. I decided to use them in a rock style set up even though I have never seen it done before.

First I compared the 4bar to the slimpar 56. The 4bar seems geared towards small Djs. It fits in a case the size of a bass guitar case and has an almost identical LED source. The only difference being the blue LEDs of the slimpar are a bit richer looking. The dimming is a little bit studdery on the 4 bar though and the body is made of a plastic that feels a little flimsy. A pair of these would be great for a small band who is going to put them right back in the case when finished.  4bar is under $300 from NSL with the case and a stand.

I decided to go with 28 Slimpar 56. $96 NSL price. They have a decent beam angle and are only 2" thick. The body is sturdy. Dimming is smooth. I am able to leave these on my truss and fold them out of the way. When I ordered them I was told they were only for washing walls, etc. I'd have to disagree. The led source is a little bit of a trade off but I think its worth the ability to strobe, endless colors, low heat, low power, low space etc. With a bit of fog, I think it turned out pretty "rock" looking.