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Title: JTR Speaker Orbit Shifter review.
Post by: Jaraad Brown on October 10, 2010, 10:31:05 pm
I decided to take a drive up to Jeff's shop to listen to his newest creation. After arriving to the shop, I was amazed at how big the Orbit Shifter is. You couldn't help but see it because it overshadowed all of his other products in height. That day, Jeff had 2 growlers sitting next to 1 Orbit Shifter so I knew I was going to have some fun listening to both. The amp he used was the Lab Gruppen fp7000. Seeing as though the Lab puts out 2800 @ 4ohms, I knew the OS wasn't going to have any problems taking it all. As I stood in front of the 2 jeff played a bass track and switched from the 2 growlers to the OS. I will say that the OS was louder and deeper than the growlers. IMHO, it would take at least 3 growlers to keep up with one OS. So after that, he decided to hook up 2 Orbit Shifters. The bass made my head hurt as well as shift a few things around in the warehouse. He even blew a fuse. We giggled like school kids.

I also had a chance to demo 2 OS's with a lesser powered amp (QSC PLX 3602). Not as loud but still louder and deeper than my 4 2008 version growlers. I didn't bridge them because I hate running amps bridged into 4 ohms so I just ran them in stereo. The crossover used was the DBX 233XL (I know a beginner crossover) with a LPF of 100. Usually, when I use my 4 growlers, I take anything below 40 hz out on the EQ but this time I left the EQ flat and set the filters on the back of the QSC to full and had no problems.
Title: Re: JTR Speaker Orbit Shifter review.
Post by: Silas Pradetto on October 11, 2010, 12:36:43 pm
You have literally told us nothing in your "review."
Title: Re: JTR Speaker Orbit Shifter review.
Post by: Steve Hurt on October 11, 2010, 07:00:26 pm
Silas Pradetto wrote on Mon, 11 October 2010 12:36

You have literally told us nothing in your "review."

He didn't tell us too much, but he did tell us:
1) The O/S is louder and lower than a pair of Growlers
(He's right.  It's as loud as 3 or 4 Growlers, depending on what model you have)

2) It's big.
(It is.  It's about the same size and weight as a SRX728 and is louder)

Other than that, he basically said:
It's a big loud sub.  Jeff turned them up and they went: BOOM    BOOM BOOM  Surprised   Laughing

I'll bet Jaraad ends up buying some Orbit Shifters after hearing them.


One time I was up at Jeff's shop, he ran a couple sine wave drops through 4 or 6 Growlers.  
My wife was outside in the van with the windows closed.  
She says she was thinking "thank god I'm not in there!"
I often wonder how he keeps from getting thrown out of that building!

<edit to add: my wife adds:  the van was actually shaking from the sound!>