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Title: Line 6 XDR955 Wireless Handheld.
Post by: John Chiara on October 02, 2009, 12:01:56 am
Used it for a judges mic at a talent contest tonight. All good. Later, after the talent show I got on it and played around. My first requirement is no transmitter induced distortion. I screamed into the mic and later sang as loudly and shrilly as possible and could not get it to create audible distortion.
Did some singing and noise making and it pretty much sounded like a wired mic. I will try and do comparisons. For example, I used 2 PR35's for vocals for this talent contest..tracks..acoustic....piano/keys...and vocals, and got asked at least 5-6 times what mic the singers were using..and at least 2 comments from the vocalists on that would be a high water mark.
Physically...both antennas were "flaccid"...and one had to be taped to stay upright...hope to be able to replace them cause that ain't gonna work. The handheld has no mute switch...and when in the "locked" position..necessary to prevent the channels from being switched... can't be shut off. I had no interruptions of signal though it was not a high stress scenario.
It's all plastic..though well done. Wall wart.
I will test more over the weekend..gonna put it up as a lead vocal mic for a 3 band local show.

Title: Re: Line 6 XDR955 Wireless Handheld.
Post by: John Chiara on October 09, 2009, 03:58:08 pm
Still haven't had a good live test except for a short soundcheck..then I ran out of batteries..which seem to last about 5 hours.
I cannot make the unit distort not matter what.
Downside, last night's talent show..judges mic again, when they put the mic back in the clip, the plexi cover on the display/button section on the side of the mic fell off and I and the buttons fell out..I could not reinstall on the fly so I left it and put in a call to Line 6. I will report back. Mic seems to be a flat/mellow sounding dynamic. Takes EQ pretty well and had pretty good GBF. I will however probably have to return it during the tryout 30 days so I may not get to extensively test it..UNLESS..
Line 6 sends me a demo unit!!! Yeah, that's the ticket.