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Title: Semi Accurate Array Show Driver Model?
Post by: Antone Atmarama Bajor on May 24, 2009, 05:03:04 pm
Not exactly a sub woofer related question,

but this seems to be the DIY place.

I often pull out array show and try to get a sense for a configurations polar response.

    The only really tool it has available is the point source.

what I've decided to do to try and get a more reasonable polar response is to represent a driver as 5 points.

Center and surround.

Does this sound like a semi reasonable approach?

I suppose I could add a little more accuracy by giving the depth of the cone at the center point.

    Is there a better way with Array show?

    is there a way to simulate a baffle edge with an attenuated point source?

    Is there a way of getting a crude representation of a horn using point source?

Even better are there any free tools that will do this sort of thing??