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Title: UPSs and home video gear
Post by: Mac Kerr on May 07, 2009, 08:12:30 pm
I guess it's time to break down and get a UPS for my DVR. Tonight a power outage took out my SA Explorer 8300HD. Since it belongs to the cable company the fact that I have to exchange it wouldn't hurt so much if I didn't have 40hrs of video on it that is hard to save to some other medium. I wish I could hook up my computer to the firewire port on the back and dump the files to my computer, but Nooooo. I may take it apart and see if they notice when I return it without a drive in it. Right now I'm pissed.

Anybody know what Er.76 is on an 8300HD?

Title: Re: UPSs and home video gear
Post by: Tom Bourke on May 08, 2009, 11:15:31 am
That is one of the reasons I built my own PVR using Myth TV.  I was also responsible for getting these units into schools.  The networking capability is very use full to them.  I can watch recorded programs or live TV on any computer in my house.  I can also edit and burn shows to DVD.  Commercial skip is nice but some programs fool it (mostly scifi with lots of dark screens.)

This is the distro I use to set up the schools and my own home.  Very easy install.  The hardest part is deciding what tuner/capture card to get.  It has to be compatible with Myth TV and your local cable.  Oh and it will recognise an APC UPS hooked up via USB.