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Title: Synchronizing Lights to Live Audio
Post by: Clayton Youmans on January 22, 2006, 07:02:25 pm

I am a A/V Tech/Student at a High School in Canada. We are planning a concert for February 23rd, and have just received a Color Tran Encore 24/48 Light Control Console used(We are a High School, I know *sighs*). We previously had a  ETA Imagination 24/48 Console as a temporary replacement as our ancient board broke before a Theater Production at our school, but anyway to the point. For this concert we want to synchronize our lights(flashing only) to the Audio the board we had on loan(ETA Imagination) had an audio input on the back for doing this, unfortunately our new one(Color Tran Encore) does not. It has only MIDI, and we have already shipped the Rental Back. What we did last time was run a cable off the PA to the board. I have heard of using computer software with a midi out to do this. If so what software will I need? Can I use the audio input on the computer to feed the audio?
Is there another way to do this but relatively inexpensive? If not relatively inexpensive, at all?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated,  if I'm completely screwed please let me know.

Information about the console is available at:

Note to Dave: Thanks Dave just seeing if any one knows a more cost effective way I dont know if I can get that equipment around here.