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Title: ISIS 575 and 1200W Spots
Post by: Danny Avila on January 17, 2006, 09:04:28 am
Anyone using this gear? They Look great but, how about performance, heating, manteinance?

We have 34 CF7HE and CF1200W Coemar's toys and are a pain in the... Not to mention the times this junks fails only during the shows. I guess they are tired and need to rest (in peace?) so we are looking for something "brand new" to replace them. In our country there are few "rider mandatory" performers so as good as we would like to have only VL3000s, we don't really need them to be accepted as sound/ligths contractor.


Title: Re: ISIS 575 and 1200W Spots
Post by: Duane Massey on January 19, 2006, 06:56:59 pm
Haven't seen that particular brand, but it looks like the same factories that make the Elation and Chauvet.
We've seen a lot of look-alikes that are similar but not the same, so to speak. You almost have to look under the hood to rate the darn things, or you have to trust your supplier to stand behind the product. Coemar has virtually deserted the US market, and only the people who already own their products seem to be upset by this.
Nearly all the intelligent lights are being manufactured in the Pacific Rim and China now, so the only real difference is the standards that the "brand" insists on. Your major US players normally have reasonably acceptable standards, Martin is consistently high, and High End has not fallen too far in their touring line. Anybody else is a crap-shoot.
Good luck!
Title: Re: ISIS 575 and 1200W Spots
Post by: Brian Ship on January 20, 2006, 01:47:52 am
As with all fixtures, it's product/parts support, accuracy in stops and features and lots of apples to apples details.

As for failing between shows and other problems with a fixture, while they all have problems, much of it can be prevented by way of a good repair/prep program for the equipment.  Catch what might go before the show or in prep for the show what doesn't work before it's necessary and it should work during the show.

Yesterday someone noted a 2Kw Fresnel with melted wire feeding it's lamp base while prepping the fixture.  She was amazed but that's why I insist upon inspection mirrors and flashlights.  Now that the fixture is re-wired, there is little to no chance that it will have a problem given it's been thoroughly inspected before the show.

Not sure what just getting new equipment might do for you if it seems as if the other equipment is noted in your case to  fail during shows.  The Coemar gear I'm not saying is good or bad gear but certainly has in the past done many shows without problems just as your new gear would for a time once as with most gear, the upgrades are installed.  Question is why a properly maintained fixture does not continue to function.

Sure there is always either brand new or older gear that has a problem (with being removed from it's road box), but often such gear is dependable sufficiently after age of parts is taken into account.

Don't know if it helps but in my opinion, just buying something else because it will be new won't solve the problems one finds with old gear failing during shows.
Title: Proper service.
Post by: Danny Avila on January 21, 2006, 10:08:52 am
Brian Ship wrote on Fri, 20 January 2006 02:47

Question is why a properly maintained fixture does not continue to function...

We bought those Coemar fixtures one year ago with several road shows on them as a part of a "great deal". The units were MINT but had some "minor issues" to solve. Today, these issues are not yet solved and are spread all over the fixtures. Just to say something, the fixtures are hard-to-clean devices with four to five different sizes fans blowing dust inside so its service  shall be done on every weekend. Units are covered by a lite grey rust inside coming from any metallic part of the body that needs to be cleaned every weekend. The CMY dichroic lenses are broken everywhere and there are some missing parts making hard to rebuild the puzzle. We have some older Martin fixtures and the cleaning/tune up process is just that easy so the crew use the "coin trick" to decide who has to clean whether the Coemar's or Martin's fixtures (losers have to clean the Coemar's).

For little to mid size Ligth provider companies in Venezuela (as we are), there is no use in investing 6.800 very-hard-to-earn US$ on a VariLite VL-3000 if we can get three used and rusted but proudly made in USA and very raider friendly HES StudioSpot. We are not the principal Ligth provider company in the country (there are only two large Co's in this 30 million people nation)so if an international artist or a nationwide singer comes to our county with an specific Martin/HES/VariLite raider request, these two Co's have fixtures enough to cover this raider with no problem (charging an average of 60 to 80 US$ for fixture a nigth and 180 US$ for the "engineer", plus accomodation and traslate fees).


The rest of us are doing shows for performers that are more "elastic" with the requirements and accept almost all of our non raider friendly ligth fixtures and we charge the same rate as the larger Co's do.

Well, that was not a love story,


Title: Re: ISIS 575 and 1200W Spots
Post by: StJohn Gill II on January 22, 2006, 05:45:49 pm
Can you organise to try them out??

The local supplier i use will either request or order 2 unit of any equipment under AU$2000 for me to try (in terms of spot placement and so on - can't really test reliability in 1/2 an hour - although you might be surprised)- but there are lots of clubs and dance places in my area - anything like that he orders he can always unload on them anyway.

anyway, the point is, see if you can get your hands on one and give it a go.