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Title: Ableton Live/Protools Digidesign
Post by: clennon55 on June 26, 2004, 03:04:33 pm
I'm using Digidesign 002 rack with protools and have Ableton LIVE 3.0 full version on a G4 platform OS X.
While I can rewire the LIVE to Protools so that I can record tracks in protools along with the LIVE sequencing I've done, I am unable to get LIVE to act as the master with protools/digidesign as the slave.
Specifically, I have multiple sample sequencing tracks on LIVE, and I want to record (via digidesign/protools) real time live playing as added tracks in the LIVE sequencing view.
Any suggestions?
I am able to record real time midi playing on a midi keyboard which goes through the digidesign 002 rack, so I know that there's some communication going on- Just can't get those bass, vocal, etc tracks in there.
Any suggestions, experience?
Thank you in advance