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Title: Alternative to T-Nuts
Post by: Kristopher Cox on July 28, 2013, 12:48:02 PM
T-Nuts can overhang the cutout lip of the surround hole. Need to trim or be real careful to their orientation.
A method I have used for awhile is 1/4-20 carriage bolts and some PL.  Roll the upper part of the threads through the
tip of the PL.  Insert the Bolt into the hole, set some washers over the exposed bolt, tighten until head sits
flush with surface.  A look at the rear surface shows nice glue line around head of the bolt.  Not to mention that the T-Nuts run about
.35 cents and the bolts are .09 cents.
Title: Re: Alternative to T-Nuts
Post by: John Halliburton on August 01, 2013, 12:19:46 AM
For most cone drivers any more, if you cut the hole the right diameter, you generally won't have an issue with the flange of the T-nut sticking out. 

Also, you do know there are different configurations of T-nuts available that have varying flange diameters, and also different orientations of the prongs-a good one to find is a "hopper feed" configuration, where the prongs are set up more like opposing pairs, and pounding them in "correctly" will give you more edge clearance.

There are also propel nuts, which have knife edge threading on the barrel, and they draw into the hole.  No prongs, and a nice round flange.

As much a pain that dealing with stripped T-nuts can be, I'd much rather do that than deal with construction adhesive on a bolt when the time came to fix a stripped one.

Best regards,

Title: Re: Alternative to T-Nuts
Post by: Sean Hennessey on August 01, 2013, 01:08:22 AM
having dealt with stripped tnuts... and hurricane nuts (that were epoxied in), I like your approach.  It definitly ups the "oopsie" factor (accidentally putting a hole in your driver) by an order of magnitude, however, if it were to spin, you could probably still get the nut off and blast the bolt through with a hammer.

I would recomend something other than PL though, it doesnt seem to stick very well to metal...  Epoxy would be my choice.
Title: Re: Alternative to T-Nuts
Post by: Jeff Bankston on August 04, 2013, 04:25:23 PM
i considered other ways including gluing t-nuts in as i pulled them in with a bolt that had fender washers under it(Gibson was out of warshers !  :o). i never had a t-nut come loose even when i had to trim part and had only 2 prongs left. and with only 2 prongs i used a 1/2" long a-point waffer head teck screw on the back just in case. check out my 16 t-nuts in this box. 8 for the woof and 8 for the grill.