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 on: Today at 10:10:15 am 
Started by Doug Fowler - Last post by Steve Payne

Your description reminded me of reports when power supply capacitors were failing at such a high rate in some new Crest power amps that the operators started using broomsticks to turn them on.
That got them further away from the "BANG", sparks and smoke, but big exploding capacitors really mess things up. As I recall, those failures were after 1997, but don't know if they were part of the widespread "capacitor plague" between 1999 and 2007.

I'd rather deal with that kind of problem in a rack on the ground than in a flown cabinet!


I've been on the receiving end of an exploding 8001 while flicking the power switch on a couple of times.  It definitely got my attention.

 on: Today at 10:09:51 am 
Started by Dan Godwin - Last post by Gary Greyhosky
Heil PR28s in use here. I swapped out the mounts that come with them for these small Audix mounts.

The supplied mounts are great in theory, but I found them cumbersome and they don't grip well on all rims. The mics themselves have been great. They've been smacked by errant sticks several times and have held up well. Occasionally, I have to tighten the screws that hold the mic to the thread adapter, but no big deal. I also use the Heil HMP+. It's very small and easy to tuck into tight spots. PR40 in kick drums has worked well for me also. Have also used Audio Technica AE3000s on toms & overheads, and they do quite well also.

 on: Today at 10:05:39 am 
Started by Terry McCormack - Last post by Paul G. OBrien
As soon as i plug in my controller (enttec ode mk2 with luminair) they go limp the dmx light cuts off and they wont function. The same thing happens if I have only one light hooked up to the controller DMX does nothing for it. Anyone seen, heard or had these problems? The controller works great with all my slim pars and other lights if hooked just not on these. HELP!!!

What does the "fine owners manual" have to say about DMX operation...  :o Does it suggest a certain mode needs to be set on the fixture? That's a bit of a sarcastic retorical question because I know first hand how useless the included documentation can be with these direct from china fixtures, and I don't know how technically savvy you are so the most likely issue is that you just don't have the fixtures setup correctly for DMX operation, for older style fixtures it may not be a simple plug and play thing.
Unfortunatly for you I have never seen that issue, all the gear I purchased over there works exactly as expected, but I'll suggest something you can try.. invert polarity on the DMX output, that will be done in the software.
The only communications issue I have seen with any fixture was with a set of led bars that refused to work with a wireless dongle, they worked just fine hard wired to software or hardware controllers and even worked with the wireless dongle if it is buffered via a dmx splitter, but not when it is directly connected to the wireless unit.

 on: Today at 09:49:21 am 
Started by JeffreyHague - Last post by Chris Grimshaw
I don't know yet whether its better but definitely a bump above 1k and yeah, that spike at 3k5ish is scary!

I'd be more worried about the 4.2kHz peak and 5.8kHz dip on the modern mic. "Colourful" just about covers it. I generally prefer my mics to be reasonably transparent, but I'll find use for them somewhere.

... Or find a way of fixing them.


 on: Today at 09:24:28 am 
Started by JeffreyHague - Last post by JeffreyHague
Our experience with the 421 MKII as well.  I think there is an old office desk out in the shop with a drawer full of them, unrepaired for the same reason.


 on: Today at 09:24:05 am 
Started by JeffreyHague - Last post by JeffreyHague

I purchased a pair of new MD421 MKII in 1998. At the time, the sales brochures touted the new version as having less moving mass, better transient response due to thinner voice coil wire.

The first MD421 MKII failed within a week of the one year warranty period, and the second failed shortly after that, neither had been used on more than six gigs (only on brass and reeds, no loud drums) and were in completely immaculate condition.

Sennheiser wanted near the retail price to repair the MD421 MKII microphones at the time, so I scrapped them and never got a chance to compare them with early versions.


Glad I only bought one!

 on: Today at 09:22:49 am 
Started by JeffreyHague - Last post by JeffreyHague
I have both. The old MD421 is cream-coloured, with cursive writing on the front of the grille.
I picked up a couple of new ones when they were heavily discounted.

The old one is better in terms of sound - the new one has something weird going on in the 3-6kHz area - see the response curves attached.

Given the variable storage & use conditions of vintage mics, it's likely yours will measure different to mine. I've worked on (and measured) somewhere in the region of 30+ AKG D12s, and I don't think I ever saw two the same.


I don't know yet whether its better but definitely a bump above 1k and yeah, that spike at 3k5ish is scary!

 on: Today at 08:37:41 am 
Started by Luis_Marquez - Last post by Caleb Dueck
What’s your experience? What should be expected? I picked up a pair with pole adapters. I have been looking into some type of column speaker for very light weight multipurpose,out of sight small gigs for some type of celebration, backyard gigs or playback small. They are to be used with a pair of C212pro’s.

They are good little speakers as long as you don't expect them to get loud or have strong low-mids.  Vertical use on a pole is better than on their sides, as you aren't fighting the pattern collapse.

They've been around a while, I haven't heard them alongside any modern tiny options.  I've never considered them as main speakers, just tiny fills if the main system was already RCF TT. 

 on: Today at 08:24:32 am 
Started by Andrew Broughton - Last post by Scott Helmke
Someone with color blindness, red-green being the most common.
People with both protanopia and deuteranopia can't tell the difference between red and green at all.

Which is why you find a green/yellow striped ground in European gear.

 on: Today at 08:14:16 am 
Started by Terry McCormack - Last post by Mark Norgren
I too fell into the Chinese trap.  When they worked, it was fine.  But every time I plugged them in, I never knew what was going to happen or in half the cases, not happen.  I now have gone to name brand stuff and guess what, they work every time!   NO shit, go figure!

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