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Title: Ampeg SVT3-Pro Bass Head
Post by: Tim Weaver on May 15, 2021, 08:55:16 PM

This head works as far as I can test it. I don't have a bass but I plugged a guitar into it and made noise and operated every knob. I had to reseat the tubes and exercise the knobs before it would make noise, but after that it seemed fine.

This head was in a poorly built homebrew case before I got it and it took some damage, mostly on the handles. They are beat to crap, but are still straight. Remove them or paint them black and it'll be fine again.

I have no clue on the used market price for this thing. I got it in a trade deal and have never really used it. This would be perfect for a backline person as I think this is fairly decent and accepted head. The Cheapest one I see on Facebook Marketplace is 350, so I'll price this one at $300. Of course I'm open to offers since I do not deal used band equipment and I could be way off.

I have a video of it working but having trouble getting it uploaded to Imgur. Will update if it decides to work.

Edit: Now with Vidja....