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Title: WWB + Dante
Post by: Kenny Ruyter on October 03, 2018, 03:04:46 pm
Quick question: do you have to have dante controller installed in order to sync workbench with ulx d's that are dante'd into a ql5?
Title: Re: WWB + Dante
Post by: Luke Geis on October 04, 2018, 08:42:31 am
No. WWB doesn't do anything with Dante. It simply calls from the network. As I sit here typing this, I have 2 ULXD4q's connected to a redundant Dante network via a Yamaha SWP1-8 Switch, RIO and QL5 mixer. All I had to do was connect my computer to the switcher with my LAN set to DHCP. The Dante information is a totally different traffic way and standard network traffic works alongside it.

Now there are a couple ways to set up the ULXD's though. You can set them for DHCP or static. I believe they come set for DHCP and whatever they come from the factory is fine and should talk to WWB without issue. You just need to be sure of your LAN settings. If it doesn't see them when in DHCP then try a Static setting that is in the range of the ULXD's. You can plug into the secondary or primary port and utilize WWB.
Title: Re: WWB + Dante
Post by: Kenny Ruyter on October 16, 2018, 12:27:35 pm
Thanks Luke. I was able to get WWB synced up without dante controller. I had a strange issue with workbench not allowing me to create a timeline in the monitor section but that resolved itself after a restart. My other issue was that I was unable to label the mics within WWB but I think that was pebkac. It was really cool seeing battery and freq's settings right there in the console. I had 34 open mics with two Dugan cards and it worked famously, great to see the noise floor reduced to zero in that setting with dante. Thanks!