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Title: Recommended Off-Brands for Blinder Bars?
Post by: Luke McCready on February 09, 2020, 08:34:38 PM
I'd like to add some blinder bars to the stage's back wall. I'm willing to go off-brand because I'd need a lot of them, they don't have moving parts, and I view them more as stage design than lighting (and stage design doesn't need to hang around as long).

I'm looking for something reminiscent of the Blizzard SpektACL or the Chauvet Pro Strike Saber. For example, search YouTube for V-Show BX1402 Blinder. The going rate for the many varieties of these on Alibaba, from 10-14 modules, is $67-170 per fixture.

My three requirements: DMX control, the ability to dim the blinder portion, and if similar to the SpektACL, rudimentary color mixing instead of choosing from a short list of hard colors.

I've heard the key to buying "reminiscent" lights is asking someone who has bought before which manufacturer and vendor worked for them. Does anyone have experience in these?