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Title: Chauvet Colorband Pix Mini
Post by: Tim Weaver on October 26, 2012, 02:27:23 AM
I just got some of these in for an install and they are pretty cool units. Built well, they have a single center mount or feet on the ends as well. 3 and 5 pin dmx, Edison power loop out, IEC in. Comes in a long and a short version. I have the shorty's which have 6 tri LED's. The long ones have 12. They also make a bracket that allows you to rack up 6 units for pixel mapping. THese brackets can be interlinked to make them longer.

Also they have something that has been difficult for chauvet to make. A decent menu and channel layout! They go anywhere from straight 3 channel (RGB) to 18 channel (Pixel mode) with several stops in between. You can operate it as a 2 banks of 3 LEDs (6 ch), 3 banks of 2 LEDs (9 ch), or there's 4 and 7 channel modes that does all the spastic DJ stuff too. Point being, you select the mode on the unit and it behaves like a real light. It remembers it's address after powering down and everything.

It's fairly bright, very compact, built solidly, and has nice mounting options. And it's cheap! So far I'm fairly impressed with these lights. I think I'll be buying some for myself.