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Title: Nasty speaker distortion.
Post by: Tom_Umney on May 05, 2004, 12:00:06 PM
I recently bought a pair of bass bins and mid/tops 2nd hand.
The problem I'm having is one of the compression drivers sounds very distorted and quiet compared to the other.

In the mid/top cabs are:
Comp drivers are Eminence APT150 not that good but ok for the price of the cabinets since they are made of 18mm MDF.
Mids are Eminence Gamma 10 200w rms[old version]
Quite a good 18db x over with polyproplene and polyester caps and a few air cored inductors.Also I noticed a lot of brown slimey 'grease' around the 20w white resistor--wonder if it has burnt out or is just the tar from cigarrette smoke?

The bass bins are made of 18mm plywood with an Eminence Delta 12 LF rated 300w rms[old version],and it has a rubber surround strange? And quite a large air core inductor but some lousy electrolytic caps too! Mad

So something is defective in the speaker that 1 tweeter is very distorted and quiet sounding. Either the resistors or the APT50 comp driver or both???

So before start buying new parts like a comp driver,is this the most likely thing,or could it be a fault in the crossover???
Title: Re: Nasty speaker distortion.
Post by: Chris Hindle on May 05, 2004, 12:44:19 PM
Easy to check. Swap the driver from the "good" box to the "not-good" box. If the problem changed over also, the driver is fuc#ed. If the problem stayed put, suspect the crossover.
PS: While the driver is off, check for obstructions in the throat. If it were mine, I'd also pull the diaphragm and check the gap for crap, and the winding for signs of distress.