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 on: Today at 10:10:28 PM 
Started by Thomas Le - Last post by Brian Jojade
It's a silly thing to do if the apps are still functional.  An arbitrary requirement to be sure.

But, in this day and age, building apps that stand the test of time isn't good enough.  Change for the sake of change is what Apple wants.

Sad when there isn't really anything 'better' about new versions in so many cases.

 on: Today at 08:31:18 PM 
Started by Steve Ferreira - Last post by Keith Erickson
 For instance, the SRX928SP has a -3dB point as 45Hz, while the RCF 8006 has a -3dB point at 30Hz.  However the RCF8006 retails at around USD $6000, and does not network with the rest of the system.  The RCF9006, which does, retails around $7000 and is hard to find without a dealer.  If I was buying a PA for my work (which often includes EDM and Hip Hop), a sub that rolls off at 45Hz would be unacceptable.  So, if I wanted the tops but better subs, I wouldn't be able to network them anyways, so I'd probably buy the tops and then just buy a bunch of SRX828SPs and not even network them, instead running them off of a separate line (or having them on the same network, but using two separate apps to control everything)


According to the published response graphs...the 8006 seems to be -10 around 38Hz while the 928S is -10 at 31Hz.  Also the 928 has a measured max SPL of 140dB...this is 3dB higher than the published but not quantified max SPL of the 8006 of 137dB.

 on: Today at 08:05:17 PM 
Started by Douglas R. Allen - Last post by Keith Erickson
Spec sheets also show a 12dB crest factor being utilized for peak calculation rather than 6dB. 


SRX900 Max SPL numbers are not calculated, they are measured using 12db crest pink noise and using the array preset for the Line Array boxes and the 80Hz preset for the subwoofers.  Full-space for the array boxes and half space for the sub.

The SRX800 SPL numbers were calculated and the SRX828SP SPL number was calculated based on the Half-space sensitivity and peak power handling of the passive SRX828S. Given the peak power available in the SRX828SP of 2000w (33dB Gain) it has a theoretical Max SPL of 137dB while the SRX928S sub has a measured max SPL of 140dB.

Also the amp power is measured differently in the SRX900 as compared to the SRX800.  The SRX800 stuff is 2000w Peak.  For example the SRX828SP amp is 2x 750w cont. / 2x1000w peak.

The SRX928s amp is 1100w for greater than 1000ms and a burst power of 2500w for 20ms.  This burst rating is not the absolute peak output of the amp but rather a shorter duration power number.  This is the same type of spec that many 'elite" level power amp brands publish as the continuous power output of their amps.  The true peak power of the amp in the SRX928s is more than 2500w.

Lastly..if you compare the actual frequency response curves of the 928S and 828SP, you will see they are basically the same and the 828SP doesn't really go lower if you are looking at the curves and the same preset info.  The port on the SRX928s sub is a much better design and will produce more output down low when pushed hard as compared to the SRX828SP.

 on: Today at 07:25:58 PM 
Started by Thomas Le - Last post by Mal Brown
I doubt the devlopers need to add functionality.  Probably update the splash screen is enough.  Been a while since I was an active ios developer  threshold for maintenance used to be pretty low.

 on: Today at 06:27:02 PM 
Started by Thomas Le - Last post by Thomas Le
So the Tribe hasn't touched their X/M series apps for a while, wonder what their response will be? Pretty sure A&H, Yamaha, Mackie, Presonus, Soundcraft will be affected. Probably left out some other brands too...

 on: Today at 06:18:36 PM 
Started by John A Chiara - Last post by Thomas Le
Only issue I see on that TP link is that it's running on wireless N which by technology standards is pretty old. IME I had TP link wifi routers die, these were in a home environment, so I'm weary on using anything TP link wireless. The wired stuff OTOH are cheap and rock-solid, those I can recommend.

I've posted this elsewhere probably but my setup is an Edgerouter X SFP that is passive PoE powering a UAP AC M held up high on a mic stand. I have both SSID's set the same name and let the client devices (iPad control) do the auto band selection. Works great running mixing station on my M32R and XR18.

 on: Today at 06:13:55 PM 
Started by Bob Faulkner - Last post by Bob Faulkner
Are you wanting to try "ghost" or virtual mixing?  If that is the case, then what I would focus on is the recording software.  I've taken tracks, recorded as individual Wave files, from a Behringer X32 and pulled them up for playback on my Soundcraft Performer.  The two key components you need to make this work are a USB I/O card in your console and the audio software.  Reaper is probably the best place to start, if you are not already familiar with another DAW.  Frankly, I'm still a bit of a noob at this myself.

One other thing to note is that, at least with the X & M 32s, Wave file playback from the USB stick is constrained to the console's sample rate.  For example, if a band gives you an intro to play that is a 44.1k Wave file on a thumb drive, and you're X32 is running at 48k, it's not going to let you play the file.  i don't have any experience with A&H digital consoles, but maybe you are running into a sample rate mis-match?
Thanks for the info.  The only recording software I have (but rarely use) is Capture.  As I mentioned before, I don't do recording and was hoping there would have been a "quick fix" to my dilemma of not being able to "playback" a multi-track session on either of my consoles that was NOT recorded from either of the consoles... without using software.  Still looks like a bit too much work to manage.  I'm moving on!

 on: Today at 06:12:36 PM 
Started by Rolando Saenz - Last post by Rolando Saenz
I have a couple of Alesis drum machines, SR16 and SR18 ,but none have trigger in
MIDI IN yes, but not trigger in, so maybe a trigger to MIDI ?

i was looking but prices  are high
hope to find a used one

 on: Today at 06:09:36 PM 
Started by John A Chiara - Last post by Rolando Saenz
What he said....

 on: Today at 05:11:45 PM 
Started by Don Kuser - Last post by Patrick Riley
I'm excited. I signed on as a beta tester. Been playing with Coord today, importing zones from IAS, & TTI scans. Is there a tutorial or manual available?

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