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Title: dispersion
Post by: Chris Cowley on July 07, 2004, 01:57:46 pm
has anyone got any dispersion graphs for LABs?
Title: Re: dispersion
Post by: Mark Seaton on July 07, 2004, 02:45:13 pm
Dispersion is entirely dependent on the number of boxes.  You can determine a lot just by dimensions.  The orientation of the sub may have some effect, particularly with placing 4 together with the mouths flaring out from the center, but if it did have any effect, the effect would mostly be noticed above maybe 50-75Hz, and most easily examined near 75Hz.  If someone wants to do some reasearch, I would test some different configurations at ground level directly on axis, 90 deg, and 180 deg at maybe 4 meters or more.  If you find some significant attenuation at 90 degrees, you can start moving forward and watch to see where you hit -6dB relative to on axis for a given frequency.