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Title: Shure PSM400 comments/reviews needed
Post by: Mike Sveda on June 21, 2004, 03:29:49 PM
I'm starting to look more and more at the Shure PSM400 series IEM to replace wedges for our praise team.

I am thinking of two transmitters: one for the vocal team and one for the band.

I would feed the transmitters from a monitor mixer to the Shure P4M mixer.  The musos could then play with the P4M to adjsut between 4 aux sends (stereo vocals, stereo band).

I would plan on putting a locked cover over the monitor mixer so each week the mix would be consistent.  

I am wondering if the PSM400 will work well and sound good. I was wondering how long the battery lasts as well.

Title: Re: Shure PSM200 comments/reviews needed
Post by: bates15 on June 22, 2004, 10:50:13 AM
Title: Re: Shure PSM200 comments/reviews needed
Post by: bates15 on June 25, 2004, 11:34:04 PM
Hey, what happend to the text.....

Well I own one and love it. I use it with the W2 earpieces and they work just fine. I send a aux into the main unit and make a mix of what I want to hear. Ususaly only my vocal and my guitar. The earpiece takes out a lot of stage noise and by not turning up the headphones to loud I can get a nice and quiet mix!

It has a built in limiter so you dont have to worry about your ears. I have never had any dropouts couse of bad reception so that should not be a problem. I actually have no idea how long the battery would last. I use it for two services and turn it of when not used during announcements and the word. After that i replce the battery just to be shure. We use duracell procells if that makes any difference.

Sorry for the late reply, i actually had typed about the same story but it just didnt seem to have come accross.... Smile
Title: Re: Shure PSM400 comments/reviews needed
Post by: Lee Richard on July 04, 2004, 01:06:12 PM
The PSM400 is awesome if you don't want to shell out the mons for the 700.

We did a show/seminar sponsored by Shure last year, and instead of bringing a rack of 700's, he brought 400's, and it went GREAT. The build quaility is right up there with the 700. They work really well, and the bands couldn't tell the difference against the 700 rig they normally rent.

Title: Re: Shure PSM400 comments/reviews needed
Post by: Jeremy Johnston on July 09, 2004, 06:12:50 PM
We use two PSM400 wired sets at my church and they work great.  We were strung tight on the budget (who isn't?) and had to make a choice between the PSM200 wireless and the PSM400 wired for similar price.  I argued that the wired unit would generally be more dependable, and higher quality than the lower line wireless unit and that I could eventually send a stereo send to the wired unit whereas I could only send mono to the 200, wireless system.  All in all I think wireless is overrated unless you need it for highly mobile musicians.  Why spend the money on a drummer or keyboard player or the like who is not going to move far?  But hey! what do I know? I'm just a sound guy.

Jeremy Johnston
Title: Re: Shure PSM400 comments/reviews needed
Post by: chipp4 on August 11, 2004, 07:38:01 PM
I would suggest you rent some first and let your praise team try them out.  We have 8 PSM600 and it's a fight to get anyone to use them.
Title: Re: Shure PSM400 comments/reviews needed
Post by: Bryan Roberts on August 23, 2004, 02:52:43 AM
I have worked with many bands that use the PSM400s. In fact, I just got off a one day festival where Casting Crowns was headlining. All of them are on 400s except the lead singer who uses his own 600. They both worked fine.

HOWEVER!! Take a look at the Sennheiser EM300. It is cheaper then the 400 and in my opinion (and the opinion of several of the bands that use them) sound better then any shure in-ear product. They are a little more rugged then the plastic 400s and are easier to use (nice digital display to change freqs with).

They come with Future Sonics ears which are the best sounding generics in my opinion if you can get them in your ear!!

Check em out

Batteries are good for about 3 hours but after that, I get nervous.

Happy mixing once you get your stage volume down!!

Title: Re: Shure PSM400 comments/reviews needed
Post by: gainreduction on September 03, 2004, 10:52:39 PM
I've been using the 400's now for a year with E2's, E5's and now E3's, and they work fine.  I use the 2 mix mode and have mix 1 for the lead vox and mix 2 for the backing vox all fed from pre-fade auxes.  The packs have been dropped, kicked, and fully abused, but they keep on tickin.  

One issue I've had is that when we switched over to rechargeable batteries (smart-charge), the packs showed a full battery bar, but the bkgd light was red instead of green with no output to the ears.  I called Shure and they said that their packs will not run on a 9.6V fully charged battery.  So we went to a 9.4V rechargeable version and that fixed it right away.