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Title: Help with new speakers(long...)
Post by: Ken Howell on May 10, 2005, 02:09:15 PM
I've been asked to run sound for a hobbiest comtemporary christian group. Just a gig or so a month. I've been a musician forever (bass player) and I'm the technical director at my church. I'm lucky (and spoiled) to have an outstanding installed system (Innovason Compact live, complete LCR system and a bunch of great supporting equipment)to run there but not so lucky with the new group. They have a hodgepodge(sp?) of equipment for me to use. I've run across a really good deal on a GL-2200 24ch and will be getting it soon. They have 2 Carvin (I know...) DCM1500's and they will do for now, however the speakers gotta go. They have two huge Carvin speaker cabs with separate horns on top. No punch at all. We will be playing to around 200-300 topping out at about 500 people. Any ideas on new speakers? Looking for cabs at around $500ea or less.  Been looking at some EV's and the lower end JBL's.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.