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Title: 12v PA Amplifier
Post by: Lee Wright on March 31, 2011, 07:38:56 AM
Hi People,

It looks like I'll be doing some small PA work where there's no power.   I have a system with 2 x Bose 302A's which are a small box with 3 drivers rated at 6Ohms per box & 100watts.  I've tried powering my Bose 1600 amp off an inverter but it uses 90 watts just on idle which is way too much.  Since I don't need much power for these events (mainly just for speech for weddings) I thought I'd try my luck with a decent car amplifier.   I tried a Clarion 4241 which bridged is 200 watts per channel.  The results were a bit disappointing.   It seems to distort very easily.  I can't really tell where the problem is because it doesn't seem to have a clip indicator on the amp.  It has RCA input which I'm driving off the left XLR out of my mixer (Soundcraft M8).  I'm wondering if there is an issue with impedence between the mixer and the amp.  Not sure what to do.  Appreciate any thoughts.