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Title: HELP with SW218V problem!!
Post by: Joe Ellis on April 29, 2012, 11:17:46 am
Hello all...long time lurker here, but need help for the first time...thanks in advance!

I have three Yamaha sw218v cabs.  When I pulled on out of storage for the winter, it was dead.  If I run a full range signal to the cab I can hear a TINY bit of high frequency, but no lows and it's almost inaudible it is so quiet.  If I run a signal through a cross over...there's nada.

I pulled all the covers and inspected all wiring and there is no damage.  I swapped the drivers with a couple from my working cabs and the prob still persists (the drivers work fine in the other cabs). 

I see a capacitor or something in line with the hot wires but it appears fine...could that be the issue?  It is about the only thing left!  If so, I cannot seem to find anywhere that I could simply buy that part to replace, or buy a complete set of wiring from the panel in....

Thanks again for your help!