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Title: Yamaha LS9 expansion cards
Post by: David A. Parker on February 09, 2007, 10:51:56 am
Wow!!! So easy!!! I'm accustomed to working with my PC laptop. Anything you add on never works the first time, or the second, or!! So I was concerned about getting a digital mixer. I was wrong. Nothing like working with sound on a computer. I got an MY8-AT card so I could add 8 channels of out and in. I was anxious again, digital add-ons. I plugged in the card and hooked up an ADA8000 and it worked first time, already set up, just plug it in and use it. My only mistake, I only wanted to use the extra inputs  at this time, so I only connected an ADAT cable for output from the ADA8000 to the input on the card. You have to have the output from the card connected to the input on the AD8000 to get the ADAT sync. I'm glad I didn't buy just one cable! So now all my rack gear  (laptop, CD player, wireless mics) connect to the ADA8000 and I only have two cables going to the computer. Really cleans things up and saves time on setup. Everything in the rack stays plugged into the ADA8000. It was an expensive step moving up to a digital mixer, but at least it wasn't one of those expensive steps that didn't work.