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Title: Info on replacing HF diaphragms....
Post by: DAVID_L_PERRY on November 29, 2006, 05:37:58 am
Just thought I would share my experiences for anybody else who may need to do this at some point.

I replaced a 16ohm diaphragm in one of my JBL 1" drivers in my stage monitors with an 8ohm to match the other cabs and new crossovers which where made for 8ohm drivers.

I tested the diaphragm with my mulitmeter before I installed it and it read 6ohms - no problem - thats about right.

Once I installed the diaphragm I thought I would just check it now measured around 17ohms.... Shocked

I removed the back off the driver and checked the connecting wires and found that the spade of the short wire connecting the diaphragm onto the chassis was fixed with a bolt that had some corrosion on its head. Sure enough this corrosion at the fixing point measured at about 10ohms resistance. Once cleaned up and replace it was back to the expected 6ohms.

I need to check out my other monitor cab as that has the same jbl drivers and came from the same source.

Hope this may be of interest.