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 on: Today at 08:07:18 PM 
Started by Mike Caldwell - Last post by Mike Caldwell
Very interesting, hadn't seen those yet.  "NL4FXX", maybe Vin Diesel will be hawking an "NL4FXXX" in a few years?

Looks like maybe Torx?  That would be nicer than the Posidrive.

Your right, they are a Torx T9 and yes that is better than the Posidrive and the small allen key
from the early days.

All the told with a few quirks aside the new FC's do not appear that bad.
At least for me the new MP's are a let down!

The bags for a while have been stamped with "Designed in Liechtenstein" instead of  "Made in Liechtenstein"

 on: Today at 07:35:07 PM 
Started by Steve Ferreira - Last post by Scott Bolt
100% agreed. I've lost gigs that the 722's can easily handle, but the customer insisted they needed a line array to do the job.  A flown 722 is very similar in output to a pair of VRX 932's, but the customer sees the 932's and thinks they are WAY better for some reason.  This summer I went to an event in a 40X200 tent that the band decided they needed an 8 box hang on each side of the stage that had a 12' trim height....  It was the silliest thing I've seen in a while.
Yep.  I prefer the sound of the 722 to the VRX932 even when they are both setup well .... but an 8 box hang in a 12ft tent?  Pretty silly.

 on: Today at 07:30:55 PM 
Started by Jaspreet Singh - Last post by Lee Douglas
If you don't need the other functions of a processor, one of these will add remote functionality without breaking re-routing the XLR.  Just add a control to the system and wire it back to the source rack.

 on: Today at 06:58:03 PM 
Started by Pete Bansen - Last post by Tim McCulloch
There was a church in my city that took out their c747 and replaced it with a regular GN50 with CK31. They said it was too weak.

On topic, MX412's and MX418's over where I'm at. Cheap and sounds good, easy to EQ.

I bought 3 AKG C-747 on eBay years ago, they came from a church in Virginia that found they didn't look good on TV because they didn't blend with the 'traditional' finishes used in the, sanctuary.  One guess as to who the TV preacher was (he had political aspirations).

I found them wanting for live use, they sounded great in the recordings.

 on: Today at 06:55:49 PM 
Started by Pete Bansen - Last post by Mac Kerr
Another vote for either the Countryman or the Shure. Both are excellent and not terribly pricey. The real secret is to mount them with Isolation mounts. This keeps the podium thumps to a minimum.

While iso mounts are nice, with the Countryman Isomax4 RF they are not necessary. 


 on: Today at 05:50:11 PM 
Started by Dave anderson - Last post by dave briar
 If you want something to protect the bottom of the box when sliding around in trucks, on stages and on top of other subs / speakers we long ago switched  to installing HDPE strips on the bottoms of our small speakers and wedges. Bevel or corner round the edges and install with flush flat head screws and they work great.
We did this on the bottom of the FTB subs we use under our outdoor stage. Makes sliding them in-and-out on the concrete patio much easier and MUCH less damage to the bottom of the speakers(subs) when doing so.

 on: Today at 05:48:41 PM 
Started by Steve-White - Last post by Steve-White
Info on this laser you used to cut?

XTOOL D1 PRO with their once optional 40W Blue Laser.  XTOOL Creative Space software which is a free download.  Set to 100% power, feed rate 3mm/second.  Cuts real clean, nice fit on holes for dowel stock.

For some reason the 40W blue laser is unavailable.  If you are interested, I also have 20W Blue Lasers for the XTOOL D1 PRO and will test on a piece of 1/4" Birch Plywood to see if the 20W will cut it.  It probably will.

EDIT:  Just tested the 20W Blue XTOOL D1 PRO laser on the 1/4" Birch Plywood and it zipped right through it at a setting of 100% and rate of 3mm/second.  May even go faster.  Should have done some more testing, looks like I used a lot more power than necessary.  Setup and did one more test cut on the 1/4" Birch ply, this time 5mm/sec and it cut but I had to gently separate it.  So, 3 or 4mm/sec with the 20W Blue Laser and you're good on 1/4" ply.

Picture attached.  I cut off the small piece pictured.  The vertical cut on the lower left of the wood panel.  Testing the 40W Blue Laser when it arrived, I cut through some 3/4" Oak plywood with it.

 on: Today at 05:35:49 PM 
Started by Mike Caldwell - Last post by Scott Helmke
Very interesting, hadn't seen those yet.  "NL4FXX", maybe Vin Diesel will be hawking an "NL4FXXX" in a few years?

They now have a hex allen set screw for the cable connection (the very first Speakons did as well).

Looks like maybe Torx?  That would be nicer than the Posidrive.

 on: Today at 04:47:31 PM 
Started by Al Rettich - Last post by Russell Ault
I have an install that has about ten outputs needed to drive the install. Currently they are driving with DANTE, but would like to have an analogue backup. In the tech advisor's brain, he says there is nothing other than a Meyer Sound Callisto that will work. {...}

You might also want to take a look at the Allen & Heath AHM-32 for this application. I've seen a few of this series used recently on Broadway tours as system processors, and one should be quite a bit cheaper than a (used) Callisto. It does use Euroblocks instead of XLRs, though.


 on: Today at 04:38:44 PM 
Started by Phil Schrantz - Last post by Russell Ault
{...} The dream system that scales from 1 box to 20 is still illusive.

I haven't had a chance to use them, but theoretically d&b's T10 boxes will at least get you halfway there.


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