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Title: SPDIF AC3 stream from ASIO soundcard?
Post by: Hayden J. Nebus on December 10, 2011, 11:17:49 AM
I am attempting to test the decoding function of my new Dolby DP564. The server that will drive it isn't here yet, and for the price of an LS9, I'd like to be damn sure this decoder works.

My PC outputs stereo PCM over spdif when playing back AC3 files. I'm using a tascam US144mkii interface. I would like to bypass the codec and downmixing somehow and output an AC3 stream.

I know this is possible using directshow filters and a spdif output soundcard with directsound/windows kernel drivers. How might I try to do this with my ASIO interface?

Talking with Tascam support on the phone has the same effect as taking repetitive blunt force trauma to the skull. There are some fantastic user support operations in the industry, but the TEAC family is not one of them.