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 on: Today at 01:15:49 PM 
Started by Douglas R. Allen - Last post by Scott (Abrahamson)
It was -9F and windy yesterday but supposed to get up to 29F here in sunny Iowa today.

When it is below zero you learn to dress warm and to not dawdle when outdoors.

-31F is painful!

Stay safe, stay warm.

 on: Today at 01:05:32 PM 
Started by Dave Guilford - Last post by Art Welter
The 725f seem to have top fly points more towards the center of the cabinet.  Anyone hang from those before?  Are they more of a parallel hang before using pull back?

The SRX835 appears to only have three M10 on the top of the cabinet. Using only those three points, the rear top M10 would support 100% of the cabinet weight while still not introducing much down angle.

The 725f fly points appear to be at (or near) the COG (Center Of Gravity), the rear attachment pull-back point is beneath the input jacks on the bottom rear of the cabinet. Pulled back to where the cabinet face is parallel to the ground, the rear attachment pull-back point would carry less than 50% of the cabinet weight.

 on: Today at 12:46:56 PM 
Started by Douglas R. Allen - Last post by John L Nobile
Yesterday morning it was -35C here. Why does it get colder when the days get longer?

 on: Today at 12:34:55 PM 
Started by Douglas R. Allen - Last post by Steve Crump
37F and cloudy in Hartwell GA at the moment.

 on: Today at 12:11:16 PM 
Started by Douglas R. Allen - Last post by scottstephens
Hey All,

   It was minus -1 F here this morning and now it is up to a balmy 17 in S. E. Ohio.  Chris Hindle and all our Canadian brothers, we love you. BUT KEEP THAT CRAP UP THERE! 

Please and Thank you.


 on: Today at 11:59:19 AM 
Started by Douglas R. Allen - Last post by Chris Hindle
-24C (-11F) right now, supposed to dip to -29C (-20F) tonight.
wind chill approaching -40C (-40F)
Good evening to stay inside with your Cote de Neiges.
(play on words. Cote des Neiges is a street in town, Cote is misspelled coat, Neige is snow in the other language.)
i have my "30 below Parka", but I'm not in a hurry (or need) to use it.....
Groceries are done, lot's of movies to watch.
Going to start with "Roadie", and follow on with "Leap of Faith".
RIP MeatLoaf.

 on: Today at 11:57:55 AM 
Started by Justin Quinn - Last post by Justin Quinn
I am in CLE, we are small fry however we try and stay clear of the pubs. 

We have a 10k SQ ft. Warehouse and a forklift so there is that (just kidding).  I am not sure I can challenge you but certainly willing to talk. 

If corporate was back in full swing I know I could keep you engaged but last year was a hogepodge of festivals, privates, a few people you may have heard of any many you might not have.

 Know your shit, don't be a dick and a good time will be had by all.  That is not originally my quote, it may be Brian's but I love it. 

Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk

You may or may not remember but we have talked in the past, I found the conversation to be very helpful and always am willing to have another chat with you if interested.

 on: Today at 11:52:48 AM 
Started by Dwayne Aasberg - Last post by Dwayne Aasberg
Hi Tim.
Thx for the reply.
More information for you then some questions.

What console is providing the monitor mixes that the band hears?

The band's in-ear monitors are off the M32 in the sanctuary.
We did note confusion among the vocalists if they get the 'tuned' version of the vocals.  So we make both the 'un-tuned' and 'tuned' versions available in separate channels, and all the vocalists use the 'un-tuned' in their monitors.  The 'tuned' version is used in the sanctuary and live-stream mixes.
Is this phenomenon the reason you ask about monitors?

How big is the room? How much distance between the band on stage and the main speakers in the house?

Why is this important?  No really - I want to understand what you're thinking.
The sanctuary is about 80'x80' with a 20' ceiling.  The mains are hung from the ceiling about 10' in front of the stage.

How many channels do you need to process with plug ins?

Really just 4-6 vocalists.  We get along pretty good with the effects built into the M32 so really only want to run Waves Tune off board.

How many channels total do you run? (whole band + preachers + any video/computer in/out)

One bank of channels is hard assigned to the wireless rig (5x), lectern and grand piano.  The other three banks are fully assignable.  (We use Aux-ins for PC, etc.)  So a 'typical' setup would use an additional 12-16ch.
So 'used' channels would be 8+12(16)=20(24)

You can use the Dante card in the X/M32 which will allow you to process things externally AND record on a computer running Dante DVS. As long as you can get everything done within the parameters of the X32 patching issues AND Dante's 64 channel limit.

This is where I wanted to go off the hop as I think 'count-wise' it would be more than adequate.
But this thread elsewhere in this forum seems to suggest that DVS on a PC would introduce over 10ms of latency.  Am I missing something?

We are planning to use a dedicated PC box for this purpose - is a Dante card for PC available?  I should look for that...

For clarity, we do not intend to record to Reaper and run Waves Tune simultaneously.  Those are different activities.

Yamaha has just announced this. It will run VST3 plug ins and receive/send over Dante. It takes another computer to use as the "controller" but the yamaha box is doing the number crunching. The computer running Reaper could also host the control app for the Ruio-16-D.

Is the Yamaha box doing the plug-in processing, or the PC?  That's not clear to me.

In my mind I see three possible options:
One.  Full-on Waves SG.  Aside from the serious capital investment, it's not clear though how we can do multi-track recording after we lose the USB port on the M32.  Am I missing something?

Two.  MultiRack native and Dante using DVS on the PC (or a potential dedicated Dante card in the PC).  In this case we could use Waves Tune when needed, and record to Reaper when so desired.  But the latency questions remain.

Three.  MultiRack native using USB.  This would be slightly less complicated than our current USB/PC/Reaper solution...  I think, but we're still relying on USB.

Is this about right?  Is there another option or considerations I've missed?

Again, thanks for your reply and thoughts.
Dwayne A

 on: Today at 11:51:06 AM 
Started by Douglas R. Allen - Last post by Tim McCulloch
It's currently 37F at noon here in Savannah, GA, USA. The streets are deserted. Everyone is huddled in their homes with their precious Pets and Plants gathered close for warmth.

It's projected to reach 29 degrees tonight after midnight, which as many of you may know, is actually BELOW the freezing point of water.

Panic is ensuing. Evacuation plans are forthcoming from our mayor


Just set fire to it?  You know, like burning the furniture to heat the house?  Cue Gen Sherman...

 on: Today at 11:47:17 AM 
Started by Justin Quinn - Last post by Tim McCulloch
While cheques are still often cut to pay invoices (which isn't as uncommon as it should be; the CRA is quite a bit more relaxed about the employee-vs.-contractor distinction than the IRS is), the vast majority of payroll here has been direct deposit for quite some time. I'm pretty sure that if you told an employer that you didn't have a bank account for direct deposit you'd be instructed to go open one.

Heck, even the Canadian Government basically doesn't issue cheques anymore (which was part of the reason that a local financial institution teamed up with a homeless welfare organization to offer bank accounts to people with no fixed address; I believe iris scans are used in place of can-be-lost-or-stolen access cards).


In the USA, following the 9/11/01 terrorist actions our Congress passed the "Patriot Act" and a couple other pieces of law that I disagree with... but these *require* a physical address of residence or place of business to open a bank account.  Yet more differences between neighbors...

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