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Title: Blizzard Weather VS Chauvet 4Bar TRI
Post by: Matt Vivlamore on May 07, 2013, 12:06:20 pm
This past weekend the lighting company provided me with a pair of Multiform Lighting LS4195 Multibar Eco (one per side of the stage). They provided me with a decent amount of coverage for the 24’ wide by 16’ deep stage, I think they could have been a tad brighter (uses little sized LEDs). I did like how easy they went up (much lighter than my pars) and how compact they are (stored in what looked like a guitar/bass case). So now I am looking at the Blizzard Weather and Chauvet 4Bar TRI; I think 1 per side should cover my stage with enough light.

Common Factors:
Retail for the same price ($600).
Use the 3in1 LEDs RGB style LEDs which will help for color mixing.
Offers additional mounting points to be flown or add-on a couple compact LEDs.

4Bar TRI has 4 more LEDs over the Weather system.
Weather System has 4 more pods for more coloring and “focus” options
The brightness ratings are different value types: Chauvet list their unit at 1869 Illuminance @ 2m per POD while the Weather is listed at 490 LUX per pod at the same distance.

Has anyone compared both units?