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Title: Vocal Monitor Placement
Post by: Alex Marsh on September 27, 2017, 03:53:25 AM
First time poster here. ( -> Link for Pictures

I run a venue that was not very well thought out when they did the install (never heard that before eh?) as you can see from the pictures, management was thinking more of aesthetics over acoustics. The two monitors mounted in the floor are KV2 ESM's. By all means an amazing monitor and have a vertical coverage of 80 degrees. These monitors are for the vocals which would be fine if the singers were stood directly in front of the speaker, but they aren't , at any given time there is usually about 6 or so with wireless mics all singing and moving and dancing. Also the monitors are linked on one channel. So we end up in this never ending loop. ->Singer A can't hear themselves centre stage -> i turn them up -> Singer B now wants to be louder as well -> singers C,D,E & F are all trying to be heard so start shouting rather than singing -> Band members are now saying they can't hear their monitors (which they are standing in front of) -> Now stage sound levels are too loud band get pissed off -> Turn band up carefully -> singers can't hear themselves now at all onstage -> stage volume levels are overpowering mains and can be heard from the back of venue -> major smearing of FOH sound. And as an added bonus singer G comes to me after the show and asks to be turned down for the one song where he is standing precisely in front of the monitor.

Having a big hollow stage with two Double 15" subs underneath is bad enough then putting the monitors under as well creates a bad low frequency unintelligibility.

Company wont buy IEMS + plus lots of quick costume changes. Choreography cannot change. I run FOH+MONS duties + Lights & Video, so i'd rather not be chasing people around on the monitors.

During the initial soundcheck before i turned on the monitors i was very happy with the mix. Afterwards with the two band members monitors on and the vocalists with their monitors on all the clarity seems to disappear.

My ideas are either to fly the monitors behind the PA pointing down at center stage.
Make the Grills bigger in the stage to allow for more sound to come through.
Add another monitor center of the two existing.

Whats the solution?
What ideas can you guys come up with?

Thanks for reading.
Title: Re: Vocal Monitor Placement
Post by: Rob Spence on September 28, 2017, 11:58:50 AM
At least, I would add a third in the center and make all 3 be on independent mixes.

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Title: Re: Vocal Monitor Placement
Post by: lindsay Dean on September 28, 2017, 03:37:56 PM
 The monitors will need a much wider space enclosed  to allow them to disperse properly.  I also agree with a center monitor added.
The subs need to be enclosed/isolated by double wall 3/4 sheetrock on top sides and back with the joints overlapped and sealed and not attached to the stage structure .
Leave enough space to get them in and in case they need service . I'm assuming they aren't self powered.
Title: Re: Vocal Monitor Placement
Post by: Jean-Pierre Coetzee on October 01, 2017, 04:59:39 AM
For the hollow stage problem, sandbags man, they are not that expensive.

Regarding the wedges, the above answers pretty much narrow down the best solution.