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Title: Serious Error in Powersoft Ottocanali Manual
Post by: Frank Koenig on January 09, 2017, 01:38:57 pm
I recently acquired a Powersoft 8K4, for a project that I'll describe elsewhere in due course, and so far it's been an awesome device and I'm very happy with my decision.

However, there's a big booboo in the manual regarding bridging amplifier channels. Illustration J on page 6 shows pins 1,4,5,8 as connected to the hot side of the amp outputs and pins 2,3,6,7 as the common ground. It turns out the opposite is true, and using connections as shown will result in zero output (at least nothing is damaged).

I invested a good bit of effort in building a nice harness based on the published spec and was a little pissed when it didn't work  >:(

Knowing which side of each output is grounded is useful for other reasons as well, such as knowing where to connect a scope or meter that is not floating, so check before you connect.

I'm sending a note to Powersoft, too.