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Live Sound Newbie FAQ

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Dave Dermont:
Here is a list of some of the forum's most frequently asked questions, with links to pertinent discussions.

1. What's your favorite kick drum microphone? 1/ 1/

2.What are your favorite headphones? headphones#msg_273533 headphones#msg_255423

Another good way to get information is to use the Forum Search Function

I will leave this sticky and unlocked so people can make suggestions and we can kick around some ideas.

Be advised that the FAQ discussion will eventually be trimmed and locked, leaving only the FAQ.


Danny Mullins:
You need to add..."I am building my first PA, where do I start?" ch=Advice+on+First+Sound+system#msg_234265 ch=Advice+on+First+Sound+system#msg_272209

These are just a couple from a quick search, there are a lot more.

Andy Peters:
Another FAQ:

Q: "I'm thinking about getting an Aural Exciter (or similar product). What do you all think?"

A1: "Don't bother. They all suck. Spend the money on another microphone."

A2: "Never use these things across the main outputs. They might be useful as on an individual channel insert. But you're better off spending the money on another microphone."


Another excellent thread on setting limiters for the power capacity of the speakers, including the math for working it out from both amplifier power or fixed gain amps: /17922/#msg_218674

This was listed on a thread about bi-amping.  Bunches of newbs have asked about setting limiter thresholds and there is usually a response about either setting to prevent amp clipping (which technique is described in the study hall although largely obviated by built in soft-clipping limiters built into modern amps) or a comment about setting it to protect the speakers, but with no guidance about how to do that.  Thank you Ryan Jenkins for this very clear response.

Ryan Garnett:

A guide to what pieces of gear make up a system.


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