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Tom Young:
Welcome to the new forum.

From Day #1 here at ProSoundWeb we have enforced a policy which includes two primary rules:

1) You must use your real, full name when posting.

2) You may not openly pitch your services or goods.

Very often here at the HOW/Church Sound section someone will ask for advice without providing any information about the environment in which they are working. You probably cannot provide too much information when you are asking for help or opinions.

I would add that when endorsing something (a product, a technique, whatever) your opinion is immendsly more worthwhile when you quantify (again: with as much detail as possible) what you say.

And one more suggestion (for now): when a new product becomes available and you are tempted to ask for opinions on it perhaps think about holding off. Even if I or anyone else has tried or bought the new device, first impressions are often misleading and (among other things) it'll take a while to see how reliable and acceptable to others any new product may be.

We look forward to your contributions and will do our best to help you all achieve great sound !


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