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Author Topic: Vegoose PA's compared  (Read 2565 times)

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Vegoose PA's compared
« on: October 30, 2007, 12:28:04 pm »

I just got back from Vegoose Music Festival, where I got to compare two of the big boys in the PA world.  They had three stages  in a line from left to right.  They were spaced pretty well, and honestly, I was impressed with the little amount of overlap area that existed.  With two rock concerts going on at the same time, I would have expected a much bigger cluster f**k, but in the audio world, eigth day seemed to do a great job, which is saying a lot cause the festival scene is some deep combat audio.

This gave me a chance to compare a smaller hang VDOSC, a bigger hang VDOSC, and a large DB rig with vdosc flown subs (supplemented on the ground too).  I also got to hear what different engineers and different bands sounded like on the systems.  Here are some comments:

The smaller VDOSC rig sounded great.  I always like the top end of the vdosc, and even with fewer boxes it sounded great, just didnt throw as far or generally cover as much area- as expected.  It covered all it needed to at the concert and most bands sounded great.  By the third or fourth concert I saw there I knew for myself that the bands sound had more to do with how good or bad it sounded than anything else.  The rig did what it was supposed to do.

The bigger vdosc stage, just had more throw and subs that hit harder further away.  Good samples sounded good, and any real dirt in the PA was from the band (public enemy sounded slightly distorted in a way that makes public enemies sound, kinda lofi in a good way) but the band that followed had lots of sine wavy samples and clean bg vox and the rig did those with ease too.  

The last stage was a decent sized DB rig.  I didnt think it was going to be enough, and when engineers didnt hit it hard, it was only good to just behind FOH.  However, the engineers for DAFT PUNK, and Rage Against the Machine ran the PA LOUD!   It sounded good but I was reallly happy I had earplugs in.  The PA which I questioned, was certianly enough to rock the crowd present.  It sounded very good, tho every band on the DB stage had an edge that I the vdosc didnt have.  This was ok for daft punk and good for Rage, but honestly, I prefered the softer smoother top end of the vdosc rig.  The DB rig seemed less cohesive, instruments didnt always blend and glue together like the vdosc rig, but they did have more detail and seemed to have extra clarity that for some music would be great.  

I personally, still think the vdosc is the best large format rig around (I like its sound more than the jbls, or meyers) and would like to hear it directly against the Nexo boxes I often love.  I havnt heard all of the really big players (like outline, mccaulley, etc) but if I were buying a big system, it would probably be vdosc, tho I would try some other subs with it (as the vdosc subs are good but dont make my jaw drop).

Its fun to get to hear several bands play through several PAs in the same day.


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Vegoose PA's compared
« on: October 30, 2007, 12:28:04 pm »

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