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Author Topic: Looking for Road test Participants  (Read 3840 times)

Craig Leerman

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Looking for Road test Participants
« on: February 25, 2010, 07:10:54 pm »

Hello all,

We are about to give the Road Test Forum a big jump start.

I am looking for some people who want to test some gear, AND CAN WRITE A REVIEW about the gear after they get to use it on some real world gigs.

The requirements are pretty simple:

* You must have some gigs to use the gear on. These can be regular paying gigs, or even a Church event. It does not matter if you are working big or small gigs, but we want the gear used on some gigs so you can get a good grasp on the equipment's capabilities, its pros and cons, etc.

* You must be able to WRITE a comprehensive review about the gear, not just a few words. The review will include what type of gigs the gear was used on, how you deployed the gear at the gig, and what are your opinions about the gear. You don't need to be a great writer, but you will need to write about the gear and your views.

* You must be willing to answer any questions about your experience with the gear on the  Road test Forum. After all, this forum was created so that prospective buyers and users of the gear can get some real world answers from people who have tried out the gear, not just some marketing hype.

* You must be responsible for the gear while it's in your possession and ship it off to the next destination on a timely schedule.

So, if you are interested, send me a PM of at least a HUNDRED WORDS stating what gear you may be interested in testing (microphones, mixers, amps, speakers, etc), what brand or specific model of gear you would like to get your hands on, what type of gigs you will employ the gear on, and why you want to test out those specific pieces of gear, etc.

While a hundred words seems like a lot, I am trying to judge who can write a basic overview and review so we can pick people who will actually write about the gear, and not just a sentence or two.

We have spoken to a few manufacturers already, who want to get some gear into your hands, and we will be speaking with more, as soon as I get an idea of what types of gear you folks want to road test. This process may take a few months, but I want to get a list of possible candidates going now.

If you have any questions, PM me with them. I will be posting a FAQ here on the Road test Forum as soon as I can.

Here are a few answers to questions you may already have:

* Why would a manufacturer want a review of an item from me?
Many manufacturers want real world opinions about their products, and not just the mostly positive reviews that they get from some magazines. What better way to get some great feedback about a product than to place it into the hands of the folks that use the stuff day in and day out!

* How will I get the product?
It will be shipped to you. You must have a daytime address where somebody can sign for the package. This could be your home or shop, or even your church.

* Who pays for the shipping?
The item will ship to you already paid for, and you will have to pay out of pocket to ship the item back, or to its next destination. PSW will then reimburse you for your shipping costs.

* How am I allowed to "test" the gear?
You will be allowed to use the gear only for its intended purposes, and within its normal operating ranges. No destructive testing will be allowed, and unless otherwise instructed, you will be allowed to open up the unit and look inside to see the build quality.

* I'm just a "Weekend Warrior" doing bar gigs. Do I qualify?
YES! As long as you are "In The Biz" and doing gigs, the size of your company is not an issue.

* I volunteer for my Church. Can I get involved and use the gear at church?
YES! We hope to have involvement from people doing all types of gigs and events, not just concerts.

* I didn't like the gear. What am I supposed to do?
Write a review like you agreed to, describing what you didn't like about the stuff. We are not looking for just positive reviews, we are looking for truthful reviews. Remember, not all gear is perfect for all situations, or for all requirements.

* I wrote a negative review. Will that disqualify me from any future road tests?
NO! We want your actual opinions about the gear. As long as you wrote a review describing your experiences, good or bad, you will still be eligible for any new road tests that you may be interested in.

* I wrote you months ago. How come you haven't responded or sent me gear?
That would depend on a few factors. We may not have any gear that you are interested in testing available. Remember, this is a voluntary thing with manufacturers, we can't make them hand over gear to us!  Another reason might be that we had a lot of people wanting to participate for a specific piece of gear, and we only had room for a limited amount of participants.

So, if still interested, shoot me a PM and lets get the road tests back into action!

I'm so old, when I was doing FOH for Tommy Dorsey, to balance out the horn section I would slide their chairs downstage and upstage to mix!

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