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Quaking Kiwis...

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Chris Tate:

--- Quote from: andy craig on February 28, 2011, 03:53:28 AM ---Murray from Soundpeople said that the money they spent on strengthening their building saved the building in the September quake, then saved their lives last week.
They're all OK, but can't get in to their building to get their kit out.
Strange times.


--- End quote ---

Yes, strange times!!

Poor old Angus Davidson actually stayed down another day and was at the Bounce warehouse giving a Digidesign training session when the quake hit. Lost all his luggage as it was still in the hotel....... but otherwise OK.

From what I've heard, the Sound peeps gear is all OK but it might be a couple of weeks before they can get it out.

Again..... ANYTHING we can do to help.....

Jonathan Goodall:
The CBD is totally trashed but at least they are cracking down hard on the few looters that have tried it on.
The Army have LAV's stationed at check points around the inner cordons and at least 2-3 persons (Police and Army staff) at every intersection.
On Friday at the briefings there were USAR teams that I could see from The Red Cross, USA, UK, Japan, Mexico, Australia and China (plus others that I could not identify) and they.
 are doing a great job.

All the best to everyone and hope to see you out there again soon.


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