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Old Magnets on Peavey BW speakers


Brad Gibson:
Do the magnets on the 1505 go bad?  I have several 1505 and 1508 drivers that need some new baskets.

No particular problem. If they have lost their magnetism, they can be re magnetised by some speaker workshops. Be careful to use the right replacement baskets to match the magnets you have as the later baskets often have deeper coil/former assemblies and they will bottom out in the older shallow magnets.

Sheldon Harris:
make sure to clean the gap with masking tape (i double then fold in two) to get rid of any dust, rust and pieces of coil that may have collected in the gap.

pay close attention to the type of magnet structure used for which basket. all models except the 08 version will have no problem with hitting the back plate, the 08 series however should be placed on the magnet with the bump at the back and sightly raised pole piece.

i have had bw magnets sit for years until the cones turned to dust when touched and the magnets were still good.


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