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Atten: New users


Ivan Beaver:
Rough day hugh?

I just wanted to give you a little advice.  This forum is a VERY useful place that people mostly gather to seek help and give advice.  You will find the entire gamete here.  People just starting out like yourself and those who have been at it for way too many years.  There are part timers and those who do this full time in all phases of audio from club to concert work, installation, design, manufacturing etc.

You will find that just about everyone here is willing to help and they understand the different levels of understanding of others on the board.

The one thing you DON'T want to do is to tick them off.  They will not want to help you.

Something else you don't want to do is to try and impress others with your knowledge-or lack thereof as the case may be.  Just be honest.  A bad attitude will get you knocked down real quick-as you may have found out.  This is not a a bitch type forum.  We try to keep it professional here with a little joking around, just to keep it real .

If you hang around and don't ask to many questions at a time, and are willing to do some research on your own and not have others just give you answers, you can learn quite a lot, AND have some fun and make some new friends.  You have a long career in front of you, so you want to make as many friends as you can and keep the enemies to as few as possible.  The pro audio community is a small one so you will likely run into others sooner or later, so keep it on a high note-you never know you will be working for.

John Roberts {JR}:
Personal advice is better received if offered privately, but rarely ever even then. Public posts (like mine) are only of any value to transmit general information (advice?) to a broad audience. Your advice could pass for general information if you didn't include a name in the title block.

While we all learn vicariously from the trials and tribulations of our sundry over energetic new posters, I don't think I would be very receptive to accept such public advice even if it is well intended and sound.

We have PMs to transmit such "help" without the emotional baggage of public dialog. This horse is out of the barn so I offer this suggestion for next time, which will come all too soon I fear.


Mac Kerr:
John Roberts  {JR} wrote on Thu, 05 July 2007 13:40
This horse is out of the barn so I offer this suggestion for next time, which will come all too soon I fear.

Maybe we got the horse back before he went too far.  


Mac Kerr:
This is something all new users need to appreciate. I will leave this as a sticky for a while.



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