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Peavey Versarray

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Lee Jacobson:
So after a bit of "behind the scenes" work, via phone calls, emails, smoke signals and the like, this truck pulls up today about noon. Off rolls the following: twelve Versarray tops, in two "sixpacks". These sixpacks are very easily moved by one guy, they are two stacks of three, pinned and ready to go, face to face on/in a little cart. Next comes four of the 2x18 subs, two amp racks, a distro, two of the crank stands, and a cable trunk. Each amp rack  contains two VSX26s, two Crest 5200s, and four Crest 9200s. The distro has can ins, and outs for the amp racks, as well as 30A twists, edison stuff, etc. This one will be a somewhat shorter term road test, as they need the gear back in about two weeks. In the meantime, I've got three shows scheduled wherein I'll be checking out this system's various qualities.

One is a street fest thing, where I'll use 3/1 per side for the main stage. That is all the rig I'll need for there, as there are normally 500-700ppl there at any given point during the show.    

The second is a grand opening for a new facility for one of my clients. For that, their main concern is having the "talking head" at the podium clearly heard by 2000 ppl, outside. Not a problem, I expect the Versarray to really shine on this one.

The third is a rock show, benefit deal, dunno if it'll be "bands" all day or "musicians" all day, with jamming going on. Either way, with 6 tops/2 subs per side and all this power, I'll be a happy guy.

I will be playing with the lifts tomorrow, hanging six boxes and seeing how they go together. Apparently, the lifts are not just a "crank it up" thing like genies/sumners/etc, so there is a 5 minute learning curve there.

More later,


Evan Kirkendall:
Take lots of pictures!


Tim McCulloch:
no text

Tim Mc

Michael 'Bink' Knowles:
Why would you not use the whole rig for your street fair? There might be a benefit from better low frequency control--less thump going the wrong way.

Let us know what it sounds like out front AND on stage.  


Michael 'Bink' Knowles:
quote edited out

OOoooohh, sour grapes. It's just Lee's silver tongue doing the convincing. That, or the compromising photos he's holding on to...    



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