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Lee Brenkman:
It's pretty cool when you can get your own "autograph model" system integrator.

I also really like the "it fits in my car" shots.  And I bet it all sounds better than what I regularly stuff into the Accord.

Probably costs more though .

I'd really like to hear a comparison between the U103 and the "similarly priced" Meyer UPJ1.  It looks like the  the Slovenian box  has better low end potential than it's Berkeley born brother.


Bennett Prescott:
Adam Whetham wrote on Thu, 19 October 2006 15:40
Is that screen on the driverack saying "Audio Trash"???

Yeah, that's the act I had the last time I broke out those driveracks for monitor EQ.

Where are you, Adam? Maybe I can get you some to demo.

Pascal Pincosy:
How about a demo for us Bay Area Labsters

Bennett Prescott:
Actually, I'm working on that. I'd really like to get a system out for all y'all to play with, Bink has certainly expressed some interest, so I'll keep in touch. Soon.

Bennett Prescott:
Lee Brenkman wrote on Thu, 19 October 2006 16:12
It's pretty cool when you can get your own "autograph model" system integrator.

That was Alex showing off how quickly he can build custom electronics... that unit was built and shipped in three days. Fortunately, it's pretty simple, but that's the advantage of having years of experience building reliable electronics.


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