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Author Topic: EONA ADRaudio merged  (Read 88560 times)

Bennett Prescott

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Re: EONA ADRaudio Review
« Reply #110 on: June 17, 2007, 08:27:23 PM »

45Kg, 49Kg, let's split the difference Wink Seems I have an out of date spec sheet stored locally.

Lee, that's a cover that I have made by Under Cover NYC. They have the specs on file but you can order them directly from us as well. At some point we'll have them in quantity, with cute little EONA ADRaudio tags, but until then they're a one off item. Happy to furnish drawings for anyone who'd like to have covers made elsewhere, as well.

The covers come in handy if you're moving the gear a lot in non-conventional ways... Here's Jim Bowersox hauling a whole rig around at a Redskins game:

-- Bennett Prescott
Director of North American Sales
ADRaudio d.o.o.
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Lee Brenkman

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Re: EONA ADRaudio Review
« Reply #111 on: June 17, 2007, 08:54:31 PM »

What you mean "non-conventional"?

Thats the way I move gear into MOST of my gigs.
Hotel ballrooms, college auditoriums and every morning  the Downtown Berkeley Jazz Festival down the block of Shattuck Avenue between the Jazzschool and the Berkeley BART Station Plaza.

Loading docks and ramps are for the "varsity" players Smile.
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Phil LaDue

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Re: EONA ADRaudio merged
« Reply #112 on: March 18, 2010, 05:01:28 PM »

U103 Demo TONIGHT in Boston, if interested call 607-527-0193.

Dan Bouchard

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Re: EONA ADRaudio merged
« Reply #113 on: January 10, 2011, 11:55:52 AM »

I recently had the pleasure of getting a demo pair of the ADR Audio U103 10" 2 way Active Loudspeakers. After learning cost i was spectacle that this would be on par with other boxes this size and $$. I used them as front fills for a 2500 person event where my line array was flown and needed so inner coverage close to the stage.

I was really blown away at what these little boxes could do. I had time to test them prior to the night beginning by themselves and was astonished how well they did down below 100hz! They were really strong down to 80hz and lower - they didnt really start to roll off till just below 70hz. on top of that they were LOUD! About 102db at 65' and the limiter lights were not even flickering. They also sounded (to my ears) sonically remarkable. Almost reference quality.

A few weeks later i put them up against several other small boxes (yorkivlle NX55P, EF500P, Mackie SRM450, JBL PRX612M and they were just miles above in performance... louder, soniclly much better, low frequency response was unmatched.

I wish we could afford a half dozen of these and i had the opportunity to try out the subs...
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Tim McCulloch

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Re: EONA ADRaudio merged
« Reply #114 on: January 10, 2011, 12:02:17 PM »

I've only had the opportunity to hear the Eona products at 2007 NYC sub shootout, and was very favorably impressed with what came out of those little boxes (as well as the 618).

Ales and crew know the "secret sauce" and how to inject it into their systems.  They are comparable to Meyer and other high end systems and are priced accordingly.

Have fun, good sound.

Tim Mc
"Will you stand by me against the cold night, or are you afraid of the ice?" Crack The Sky

Ales Dravinec 'Alex'

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Re: EONA ADRaudio merged
« Reply #115 on: January 21, 2011, 06:24:56 AM »

Thank you, Dan, for your nice words.

Being a FOX mixer and loudspeaker designer in one person helps.

Tim : I appreciate that !
Ales Dravinec
R&D manager, owner

'There's no replacement for displacement' Carroll Shelby (Jim Bowersox, Tim McCulloch)
'Put speakers up in the air, where they belong' Bill Hanley
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